Geordie Shore star called 'a waste' by mother after coming out as bisexual

A star of MTV's Geordie Shore has been called a waste of a woman by her own mother after coming out as bisexual. Marnie Simpson, 24, opened up about her bisexuality last month after several episodes of the booze-fuelled reality show had seen her hook up with some of her female co-stars. But it seems some of her family is less than impressed. "It came out in the press and then my mum got in touch. It's still a very awkward thing with my mum. She isn't very happy about it", Simpson told The Sun. "She doesn't like it and I don't think she ever will. She keeps saying I'm a waste of a woman." gallery_marnie1 Simpson's mum also seems to forget that bisexual people can be attracted to both men and women. "She keeps talking about grandkids and stuff. She thinks I'm a full on lesbian and will get married to a woman. It's like you don't know that, there's a chance I'll end up with a man or a woman." The celebrity also claims that her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Chalmers, has been lying about supporting Simpson's coming out. "Aaron's being a d**k about it, actually. He probably said something different to you because he's a liar", revealed Simpson. "Aaron tries to play the good guy. If I showed you some texts on my phone, he would not be the good guy." The Geordie Shore star referred to the rumours about her dating Natalie Philips saying: "Me and Natalie are friends. We did have a little thing one time. Aaron found out about it and still hates us for it now." More stories: Geordie Shore's Nathan comes out as gay, talks the shag pad and kissing lads Dustin Lance Black, Charlie Carver and more congratulate Colton Haynes on coming out