Gays on TV: Your guide to the week's best LGBT TV and film

From 'Big Age Gap Love' to Netflix's 'Super Drag', here's what not to miss on the box this week.


Words: Hugh Kaye

Some years back, I knew a guy whose boyfriend was two-and-half times his age. In fact, the 'daddy' was a month older than the younger guy’s actual father.

This sort of thing still attracts shock, disapproval and outright hostility. So, it will be interesting to see the reactions in Big Age Gap Love (Channel 5, Tues 6 Nov, 10.45pm), which includes interviews with straight couples as well as Laurence, 61, and his 26-year-old fiancé, Sam (pictured above).

It’s only been a few seconds since Aaron upgraded from fiancé but he’s already got another proposal for husband Robert in Emmerdale (ITV, Weds 7 Nov, 7pm) and it’s not clear that the answer will be “I do” this time.

Gay royalty graces the couch in The Graham Norton Show next week (BBC1, Fri 9 Nov, 10.35pm) as Ian McKellen drops in for a chat. His fellow guests include Taron Egerton, who is set to appear as fellow knight of the realm Elton John in Rocketman next year.

Meanwhile, as Big Brother comes to an end – long after its sell-by date – Rylan Clark-Neal hosts Big Brother’s Last Bit on the Side (Channel 5, Mon 5 Nov, 11.20pm), interviewing this year’s winner.

Musically, current Attitude cover star Boy George pops up all over the place this week. You catch him on The Jonathan Ross Show (ITV, Sat 3 Nov, 10.35pm), before he performs with Culture Club on Radio 2 in Concert (BBC4, Fri 9 Nov, 10pm), which is followed by and Boy George’s 1970s (BBC4, Sun 10 Nov, 2.35pm).

A lot of LGBT+ people love a bit of drag and many are fans of super heroes. So Netflix should be on to a winner when the mash up the two. Super Drag, which is available from Friday 9 November, follows three gay store workers who also fight a Conservative politico as super-hero drag queens. Don’t ask me – I just write this stuff!

The streaming service is also showing Handsome Devil which sees an outsider arrive at a posh boarding school, where he quickly falls for the star rugby player, and Dream Boat, which zooms in on an annual cruise for men only.

And if you are a fan of ginger, you can binge-watch Cameron Monaghan as the gay son Ian in seven seasons of the US version of Shameless. He shows a lot more flesh than Gerard Kearns ever did in the role in the original British show.