Gays on TV: Your guide to the week's best LGBT TV and film

Here's what not to miss on the box this week.


Words: Hugh Kaye

It’s that time of year again when the movie business pats itself on the back – and these days gets itself involved in one controversy or another. So, find out how Rami Malek and Bohemian Rhapsody fare in The 91st Annual Academy Awards (Sky Movie Oscars, Mon 25 Feb, 1am).

If you can’t keep your eyes open throughout the whole (roughly) four hours of proceedings, you can catch the highlights on The Oscars (Sky One, Mon 25 Feb, 9pm).

In the final episode of The Making of Me (C4, Mon 25 Feb, 10pm), a businessman faces his colleagues for the first time as he transitions while Andrew realises that some members of his family can’t accept that he is no longer Melanie.

And for you lovers of gore out there, try Britain’s Most Evil Killers (Sky Witness, Sat 23 Feb, 9pm). This episode focuses on Steven Grieveson, who became known as the Sunderland Strangler after murdering four teenage boys in the 1990s. During his trial, it emerged that he might have killed the teens to cover up his homosexuality.

If music is more your thing, join Marc Almond and Dave Bell for their farewell concert, held at London’s O2 last year, in Soft Cell: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (BBC4, Fri 1 Mar, 9pm).

If you haven’t caught it yet, Netflix’s new series The Umbrella Academy is proving quite popular. Focusing on a set of step siblings with special abilities, Robert Sheehan’s character, Klaus, will probably be of the most interest. Ellen Page co-stars.

Also still available on the streaming service is Michael Lost and Found, a documentary in which Benjie Nycum visits his ex, a former gay activist who has become an anti-LGBTQ evangelist and now lives with his wife in Wyoming.


Together for 10 years, Benjie and Michael launched the influential magazine Young Gay America in 2004. This short film tells the same story as the James Franco/Zachary Quinto/Charlie Carver feature film I Am Michael, but from a very different angle.

If that’s not your cup of tea, there’s The Pink Mirror in which two Indian drag queens and a Westernised teenager try to seduce a handsome actor in a Bollywood-style short film.