Gays on TV: Your guide to the week's best LGBT TV and film

Here's what not to miss on the box this week.


Words: Hugh Kaye

Big confession: I have never been happy with my ears. They are huge. You can call me a size queen but these things matter. Not enough, however to consider going under the knife (I’ve had that done to other parts, thanks).

The same cannot be said for lots of other people as Attitude columnist Mobeen Azhar finds out in Plastic Surgery Undressed (BBC1, Tues 19 Nov, 10.45pm).

The first programme in the six-part documentary series features four people who are thinking about having for a nose job and will include live coverage from the operating theatre. Well, blow me…

If that isn’t disturbing enough, Britain’s Most Evil Killers (Pick, Mon 18 Nov, 9pm) focuses on the case of cannibal Stefano Brizzi, who was convicted of murdering police officer Gordon Semple after they met on Grindr in 2016.

Talking of policeman, there’s a new gay cop on the beat. English-born Seattle detective Tom Hackett gets help solving crime from psychic bartender Cassie Bedford in The InBetween (Sky Witness, Mon 18 Nov, 9pm).

The twist is that she was brought up by Tom (portrayed by Paul Blackthorne, who played cop Quentin Lance in Arrow) and his therapist husband Brian.

In this episode, a woman goes missing and Cassie’s visions uncover something more sinister. There’s also a continuing thread about a dead serial killer so it might be worth catching the pilot episode (Sky Witness, Sun 17 Nov, 9pm) if you missed it last week.

Elsewhere, John Barrowman turns up on I’m A Celebrity… Extra Camp (ITV2, Sun 17 Nov, 10.45pm).

If you fancy a laugh, try Ideal Home, which is streaming on Netflix. Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd play a couple whose lives are turned upside down when they have to look after a 10-year-old boy.

The streaming service is also still showing Paris is Burning, the documentary about the Harlem drag balls of the 1980s, and Snervous, in which Tyler Oakley shares his views and life and relationships.