Gay weatherman's hilariously racy forecast goes viral

Finally someone is speaking our language.


A gay weatherman has gone viral after posting a hilarious snow forecast on Twitter.

Blaine Stewart, a news anchor for WKTR 3 News in Virginia, shared and innuendo-laden weather report on Twitter this week which quickly went viral. 

As the east coast of the US geared up for snow last night, Stewart decided to keep his followers informed and entertained by posting an image of the expected snowstorm on Twitter yesterday (January 3).

Alongside the image, Stewart wrote: "UPDATE: Get ready for a pounding. Some of us could see 8 inches or more.

He added: "That's too much --- even for me." 

While the tweet quickly amassed a whopping 15,000 likes and 8,000 retweets, Stewart has since deleted it.

Last year the weather forecaster made another sex joke while reporting on a different snowfall. 

As Virginia was expected to be hit with between 7 to 10 inches of snow, Stewart wrote: "These are not Grindr inches. These are *actual* inches!"

We hope his hilarious weather forecasts continue!