Gay Tongan Olympian gets his butt out and tells The Daily Beast: 'Kiss it and f**k off'

The Daily Beast finally took down their contemptible gay-baiting article about Olympic athletes using Grindr earlier today (August 12) after it drew widespread condemnation for revealing personal information that could be used to out closeted LGBT competitors in Rio. One Olympian, openly gay Tongan swimmer Amini Fonua, took to Twitter to publicly vent his anger at the article, saying that the Daily Beast "ought to be ashamed" for potentially "endangering people's lives". But he didn't stop there. Oh no. A few hours later the 26-year-old, who served as Tonga's flag-bearer at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games, took to Instagram to post a photo of his behind, aiming it squarely at the Daily Beast and the journalist who wrote the offending article, Nico Hines, with one instruction: to kiss it, and f**k off. Okay, so make that two instructions. "Yo @nicohines & @thedailybeat - if what you were looking for on Grindr was hot ass (and I don't see any other reason why you'd be on there) here you have mine in all its proud glory," Fonua wrote alongside the picture. "Now kiss it and fuck off #pride".
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