Gay teen's supportive peers help him ask boyfriend to the Homecoming Dance - WATCH

High school can typically be a tough time for LGBT+ teens, but one student has demonstrated just how amazing life can be for gay kids in an accepting environment after sharing an adorable video of his boyfriend asking him to a school dance. In a video that has been viewed over a million times since it was first shared last week,  Mississippi high school student Dustin gets the surprise of his life as he walks through campus to find his boyfriend has enlisted a huge number of fellow students to serenade him. As the shocked teenage walks through a tunnel made up of supportive peers locking arms and singing Jason Mraz's romantic hit 'I'm Yours', he finally reaches his boyfriend, who asks him to be his date to the Homecoming Dance. Finishing the song started by the couple's friends, his boyfriend sings: "So I guess what I’m saying is there ain’t no better chance, than for you to come with me so you can teach me how to dance. "That’s what I aim to do so the choice is up to you." So did Dustin accept his boyfriend's proposal? We think you can probably guess the answer to that one, but you'll have to watch the video below to find out... More stories:  Attitude's Bachelor of the Day: The Walking Dead's Daniel Newman Chechen authorities 'summon parents to prison camps to kill their gay children'