Gay man has his beloved dog stolen by knife-wielding Grindr thief

A man in Florida was robbed by a man he met on Grindr, and two masked accomplices. The anonymous victim began chatting with Vadol Reed on March 31 on the gay app. Following their interaction, Reed then invited the victim over to his home. While he was at the property, two masked men entered the room where they were sitting and told the victim to give them everything of value that he had. They then forced him to drive to his home, where they stole numerous items, including his beloved pet dog Coco. The victim was then made to drive the men back to their residence, and was told that he would be killed if he reported the incident. After reporting the crime to the police and raising awareness on social media in a bid to stop others being attacked, another victim came forward who claimed to have been targeted by the same men. Thankfully, police have since arrested the assailants, and Coco was returned safely to his owner. More stories: Garçon first summer swimwear collection is bringing the heat Hillary Clinton’s hot nephew signs to IMG Models