Gay journalist fights back tears while reflecting on Trump's impending presidency - WATCH

A prominent gay journalist was visibly moved during an interview with Channel 4 News' Jon Snow, in which he was asked if he felt Trump's America would welcome him. Jonathan Capehart, is a columnist with the Washington Post. In the interview, he shares his fears for a Trump presidency, explaining that many Clinton voters feel as though they've had their future taken away. "You have people, American citizens who are of Hispanic decent, Muslim decent, now wondering what is their place in their own country," he explains. Toward the end of the interview, Snow asks Capehart, "You are a gay, black Washington Post columnist... is this still your America?" “That is a very powerful question Jon and it moves me almost into silence," he replies. “The election of President Obama was a great moment for this country." As he continues he becomes clearly emotional, explaining, “And now we stand two months away from, excuse me, from all of that disappearing. And as an African-American, and as an American and a gay man, that scares me.” Watch the interview below: Meanwhile, writer and LGBT activist Eliel Cruz argues that the American LGBT+ community will have to "fight like it's Stonewall" in the wake of Trump's election. More stories: What will a Trump presidency mean for LGBT people? Lady Gaga isn’t taking Donald Trump’s election victory lying down