Gay couple star in new IKEA ad showing the realities of modern family life

The advertising world has been slowly but surely cottoning onto the fact that families come in all shapes and sizes, and the latest campaign from IKEA is no different. The ad sets out to show that, no matter the race, gender or sexuality, all families are valid - and, as the strapline says, "all homes are created equal." The full ad, which appears in the latest IKEA catalogue in America Ogilvy, the ad agency behind the campaign said that they wanted to show that the "real portrait" of American family life has moved on from the traditional nuclear family. “There are so many different ways that Americans live—multigenerational, gay parents, etc.—that define the real portrait of the America that’s really out there," they said. “If we’d put across 20 different living situations, they’d all be equally powerful.” The ad is part of a campaign which also includes a commercial showing families of different racial makeups and ages going about their daily lives, which you can watch below: More stories: Watch the trailer for stunning new coming-of-age film ‘Moonlight’ These two newly-married grooms are serious first dance goals – WATCH