Gay couple had their bridesmaids dress in wedding gowns

Despite the absence of a bride at Deri Rogers and Ben Wood’s wedding, there was a fabulous surplus of big wedding dresses. The Welsh couple, who were engaged in January and recently got hitched at the Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel, had the “outrageous idea” to have their 10 bridesmaids dress up in white gowns. Photo Credit: Capture The Moment Cwmbran According to Buzzfeed, it turned into a bit of a friendly competition to see who could find the best dress. “You could say the girls stole the limelight but we wouldn’t have had it any other way,” Deri Rogers Wood told Wales Online. He told Buzzfeed, “I think they all loved it because it made them feel like they it was their day too.” “People just couldn’t believe it,” he added, saying that a number of motorists who were driving past pulled over to check out what was going on. We can’t blame them – with 10 “brides” and two grooms, we’d be morbidly curious too. Congratulations, Deri and Ben, on your marriage and what promises to be one heck of a wedding album! Check out some of the photos below: Ben-Deri6 Ben-Deri5 Ben-Deri4 Ben-Deri3 Ben-Deri2