Gay brother of Louisiana's anti-LGBT Attorney General makes heartfelt plea to sibling

A heartfelt plea has been made by the gay brother of Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry, urging his sibling to reverse his opposition to LGBT rights. Jeff Landry has openly supported the decision made by a state judge that declines an order prohibiting discrimination based on race, gender, religion and sexuality in state jobs. His brother, Nick Landry, responded to his stance through a personal video uploaded this November, recalling how he was forced to leave the family home at the age of 20 because of his sexuality, and paying tribute to the LGBT people who supported him and have since become his family. "I can't remain silent any longer, because although I am not political, I am a human being, and I just want my rights, my inalienable rights," says 34-year-old Nick during the emotional 10-minute clip. When asked about LGBT discrimination of state jobs in a news interview, Attorney General Jeff Landry claimed that gay people "have a method by which to air their grievances and that's where they should take their grievances". Alluding tohis brother's video, Jeff Landry said: "I love my brother, that's unquestionable, I'd tell him the same thing. We've had this conversation and what I would tell him is, look, we have to respect the law and we have to respect the constitution" Nick Landry also posted the video to a website called, alongside a hashtag that's being used on social media. The site's name appears to be a play on the name of his brother's campaign website, Words: Bryn Evans More stories: Colton Haynes gives fans exactly that they want for Christmas Interview | Wentworth Miller talks mental health, Hollywood and homophobia