Gay BBC weatherman: ' I get the odd homophobic tweet'

WeathermanOpenly gay BBC Wales weatherman Owain Wyn Evans has revealed that he receives homophobic abuse on social media. Evans, 30, who has been a weatherman since he was 18 years-old, has said that despite being on air for over 12 years, some viewers still haven't warmed to his style of presenting. “It leaves you quite exposed. I do camp it up sometimes doing the weather but I don’t even notice I’m doing it, when I’m waving my arms around," he told Wales Online. “So I get the odd tweet that is a bit homophobic," he said. "I’ve been called things on Twitter and there have been general things like, ‘Who is this gay guy, he’s as camp as twat. But it never hurts me.” “There are always going to be homophobic people in this world. As there are always going to be racist and sexist people. But hopefully, with time, people will become better,” he added. More stories: Watch: Footballer gets yellow card after kissing opposing player during match The Attitude Annual 2014 is out now!