G-Star RAW launches its most sustainable jeans ever

The clothing brand is marking a new milestone and paving the way for the denim industry


G-Star RAW is launching its most sustainable jeans ever.

With a dedication to quality and progress, G-Star RAW has kept the brand at the forefront of the denim industry and is now launching it’s most sustainable jean ever in the G-Star Elwood RFTPi jean, along with a range of sustainable denim.

Analysing each part of their design process, the brand aims to reduce the environmental impact at every stage, this jean and denim are marking a milestone in sustainable denim manufacturing.

To prove just how sustainable their new jean is, the iconic denim brand is letting you know how the G-Star Elwood RFTPi Jean was made:

1.       G-Star partnered with its suppliers to develop the cleanest indigo dyeing process in the world – a world’s first.

2.       The most sustainable washing techniques, responsibly made.

3.       Only 100% organic cotton was used.

4.       All other components not conducive to easy recycling were removed.

If that's not enough, you can check out the range below:


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