From One Direction to Dunkirk: Harry Styles' hottest moments in pictures

As Zayn smashes up hotel rooms with Taylor Swift, Liam Payne begins his life as a new dad and Niall and Louis launch solo assaults on the charts, Harry Styles is making waves with his acting as well as his music. Mr Styles has be making more than his fair share of noise in 2017.Harry makes his big screen debut in epic period action film Dunkirk (out now), and his self-titled solo album went to number one earlier this year! To help you celebrate the release of Dunkirk, here are some of Harry’s sexiest moments in pictures: landscape-1441467566-gettyimages-486203828-1 HARRYSTYLES 4c51f3ddb9736c5c5315e73b8a40ef4e e1a5b4cc8a7a37f158bf69d5a282e3e4 tumblr_inline_mr70b5fjXj1qz4rgp   CS52403386Harry-Styles-from 7db942fb77d30883ea8d9317e2416b74 ££££-Harry-Styles 1414678583-kissyougifs c6b7abaa7116faf4178e4045307e797c More stories: Over half of gay men say they are ‘unhappy’ with their body – Exclusive ‘There’s more to me than just a body’ – Tom Daley dives into Attitude’s body issue