Frankie Grande shares a kiss with Grant in the Celebrity Big Brother house

 In the final part of this week's Celebrity Big Brother shopping task the housemates, who had been split into two groups, were given a list of emotions to evoke in the rival team.
In scenes that air tonight (August 4), Grant Bovey - ex-husband of TV presenter Anthea Turner - attempts to stir a reaction by "coming out", before planting a big wet one on actor, and former American Big Brother contestant Frankie. Meanwhile former X Factor contestant Chloe Khan attempts to get hearts racing with some good, old-fashioned boob rubbing - the video of which was released ahead of tonight's episode on the Celebrity Big Brother website. Chloe-Khan-flashes-boobs-601856
All week, the housemates have been competing against one another in a "humans versus artificials" face-off, with half the house, including Frankie, Grant and Chloe acting as subservient "artificials". Earlier in the week, housemate Christopher Biggins got into hot water after making some ignorant comments about bisexuals with Mob Wive's star Renee Graziano. We recently took a look back at Frankie's notable Big Brother bromance with Zach Rance - click here to see more. Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight (August 4) on Channel 5 at 9pm. More stories: Orlando Bloom full-frontal photos leak, send internet into meltdown Meet the out and proud gay men representing their country at the Rio Olympic Games