Frank Ocean's new poem 'Boyfriend' is heartfelt, political, and must-read

It's been an overwhelming few days for Frank Ocean fans. After four years of waiting for the follow-up to his critically acclaimed album Channel Orange, the star practically flooded us with new content, including two albums and a magazine. It's like the old saying goes: you wait ages for one Frank Ocean project to arrive, then three come at once. While everyone's been getting stuck into the two albums, the enigmatic Endless and more traditional - but still incredible - Blond, a handful of fans were lucky enough to get their hands on an accompanying magazine, Boys Don't Cry. As well as a physical copy of the album Blond to get stuck into, those who snagged the limited edition zine were treated to a weirdly wonderful poem about McDonalds by none other than Kanye West. But one of the most interesting parts of the zine is a poem entitled Boyfriend, in which Frank opens up about a relationship in the the most public exploration of his sexuality since revealing in 2012 that a number of songs on Channel Orange were inspired by a man. Read it in full below: boyfriend_efhcqv
my boyfriend drives a lil bucket when it rain it fills up with rain my boyfriend he gon pick me up don't distract him at the wheel in his lane he's the only one my boyfriend he misses me when i'm gone so he don't forget me there's a song he sings calms his nerve, endings my boyfriend is friendly and we don't want no problems i could say that i'm happy they let me and my boyfriend become married i could say that i'm happy but cross my heart i didn't notice hope to die no never, we voted me and my boyfriend cast our ballot every kiss reads like a poem making wrongs right like a poem i couldn't say i dream of you because my dreams are filled with no one and all is lost me and my boyfriend we found we don't hope for beyonds at all me and my boyfriend spend time and that's all i'm holding on this time we got permission nothing's above condition but this ain't a thang it's a mission can't join the band so sing along me and my boyfriend got it going on sleep with fans and t shirts on asleep in vans your legs all strewn across my lap tan lines where your watch was strapped you took off to make time cut your hair you left it long i love to stare there's nothing wrong and if i die while i'm asleep i pray to God my boyfriend keeps my secret peace
No, you're sobbing into your morning coffee over the romance of it all. Endless and Blond are out now. More stories: JK Rowling shuts down homophobic abuse thrown at Tom Daley 20 of the hottest Olympic athletes from Rio 2016