Frank Ocean blasts Donald Trump gun control tweet in wake of Paris attacks

Frank Ocean has slammed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the wake of Friday's Paris terror attacks (November), after a tweet the US businessman sent about gun control in the wake of January's Charlie Hebdo attack went viral once again. frank As news emerged that seven gunman had killed 129 people in coordinated attacks on the French capital, Trump's tweet from earlier this year, in which he described it as "interesting" that gun crime had taken place in "one of the toughest gun control countries in the world," began to re-circulate on social media - and Ocean didn't take too kindly to it. Taking to his Tumblr page, the 28-year-old R&B singer accused Trump of simply trying to give "your NRA-loving constituency a handjob."
"On the real though Donald Trump. How is it ‘interesting’ that these shootings happened in a country that’s tough on guns? Tell us Don? Because it sounds like that vacuous observation was about giving your NRA-loving constituency a handjob and spinning a tragedy for political gain and I’m thinking maybe using a situation where dozens of innocents have just been murdered in the streets isn’t the best time. No?
Ocean later took to the social media site to send his own message of support to the French capital after Friday's tragic events. "Love to Paris and any individual or family who’s lost loved ones to evil anywhere in this world. Chill w/ the angles [sic]." More stories: Couple viciously attacked by six men as they leave French gay club Madonna gives emotional Paris speech during Rebel Heart show