Fit Instagram roundup: Osborne, James, King and more

It’s the end of the week, so let’s take a look at the fittest celebrity Instagram snaps from the last seven days or so. Dan Osborne's clothesphobia continued this week, thankfully. Check out a preview of our shoot with the Fittest Man of the Year in the latest issue of Attitude here. Osborne Puerto Ricam hottie Ricky Martin posed for a sexy bathroom selfie. Check him out in just his pants here. Martin Strictly fitty Mark Wright shared a picture from his 2015 calendar. Check out some behind the scenes photos from the shoot here. Wright Newly out reality star Charlie King showed off his washboard abs this week. King Meanwhile, Duncan James showed off his packed wine rack. Take a look at the hunk posing in some revealing swimming shorts here. James Finally, YouTube star Davey Wavey showed that even brushing your teeth can mean a selfie opportunity. Wavey Fancy more? Check out Duncan James and Thom Evans in last week’s Fit Instagram round-up