'Finding Prince Charming' contestants to clash over effeminacy in first episode

Logo TV's new gay dating show Finding Prince Charming looks set to tackle on of the most longstanding debates within the gay community - internalized homophobia and camp-shaming.
Finding Prince Charming pits 13 men against one another in a bid to win the affections of designer and philanthropist Robert Sepúlveda, who recently opened up about his past as an escort.
Hosted by Lance Bass, who recently revealed that he and his husband are considering starting a family soon, the show will see contestants eliminated each week, until only one suitor remains.
According to The Wrap, episode one will seen contestants Robby and Sam clash over the former's effeminacy. Flamboyant beauty expert Robby will reportedly attract the ire of rival Sam after shouting "let's get this party started, bitches," at the start of the show. According to reports, Sam will be seen to be visibly disgusted, while other contestants will refer to Robby's "larger-than-life" personality. Later in the episode, Sam confronts Robby, asking him, “Are you always over the top like this? Is this just who you are?” in front of the other contestants. “I would never do anything that perpetuated stereotypes that I thought were destructive,” show creator Brian Graden told TheWrap. “What happened was the honest reaction and we thought it was important to explore.”

Finding Prince Charming premieres Stateside tomorrow night (September 8) on LogoTV. Check out the series' trailer here.

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