Fifty Shades actor Jamie Dornan says he's 'very open' to S&M

The actor prepared for his Fifty Shades role by watching a 'dominant and his submissive'


Jamie Dornan has revealed he's "very open" to S&M.

The actor has starred in two Fifty Shades films so far and will appear in the franchise's third and final film next month (February).

However, the actor has revealed that in order to prepare for the role, he needed some expert help on the S&M side of things to play billionaire Christian Grey.

In an interview with The Irish Sun, Dornan opened up and revealed that he watched a dominant with his submissive before filming the first movie.

He said: "I did quite extensive research. I went to watch a dominant with his submissive just to experience what it was like first hand and to see what the energy in the room was like." 

"What some people might think is sadistic, I saw as literally the opposite and the people were laughing a lot and having fun."

He added: "I am very open to it and if that is what floats your boat, then more power to you." 

The star also revealed that a "kink advisor" was hired on set to fill him in on the "apparatuses" he'd be using on set.

"It was an eye opening experience," he added. 

We think Jamie just found our dream job, where do we sign up? 

Fifty Shades Freed hits cinemas February 9.