Fifth Harmony respond to Sarah Harding 'slutty' comments

Sarah Harding caused a little bit of a stir on Celebrity Big Brother this week after branding Fifth Harmony "slutty", and now the US girl group have responded to the former Girls Aloud star's controversial comments. Sarah faced a furious backlash from Fifth Harmony fans after she criticised the band for apparently foregoing proper dance routines in favour of "slut-drops". In a discussion with fellow housemate Chad, Sarah branded the former X Factor USA contestants "those slutty ones", adding: "They all wear next to nothing, all the girlbands these days. Slutty, slutty, slutty." However, it seems Fifth Harmony themselves aren't fazed by what Sarah Hardiing thinks of them - not at all, in fact.

Asked what she made of Sarah's comments, band member Dinah Jane pulled a Mariah, telling The Sun: "I don't know who she is."

Ouch. While Dinah might need an emergency course on Girls Aloud's discography, the 'Work from Home' singer did offer to teach Sarah some of their trademark moves.

"People always want to learn how to booty pop like Fifth Harmony," Dinah said.

"But shout out to her. Keep doing you, girl.

The 20-year-old singer added that Fifth Harmony were in control of their own image, saying: "Nobody has ever told us ‘you have to wear this because this is the look’." "I honestly speak for myself," she said. "I go out there wearing shorts that I feel comfortable in, maybe because my thighs are my favourite thing about me so I can show them off. "That’s like my favourite part of my body so I’m definitely going to go out there and show some legs because they’re fine as hell." Fifth Harmony recently unveiled new single 'Angel' AS THE second single to be lifted from their self-titled third studio album, set for release next Friday (August 25). Check it out below: More stories: God’s Own Country stars talk gay sex scenes and Brokeback comparisons Steve Grand opens up about addiction struggle in Attitude’s September issue