Exclusive | Raylo track from *that* amazing Pot Noodle ad to get single release

Pot Noodle warmed hearts and certainly raised a few eyebrows then it premiered that amazing boxing advert last September, and after its phenomenal success, the track which soundtracked its uplifting denouement is getting an official single release. Raylo's 'Winner' shot to fame after Pot Noodle featured it their infamous ‘Ring Boy’ #YouCanMakeIt advert, which saw a young teen who dreams of making it to Las Vegas, seemingly training in order to compete as a boxer, only to subvert gender expectations with a surprising last-minute twist. After overwhelming demand, the Raylo are now set to release 'Winner' in full this Friday (January 29), backed by Pot Noodle and Ultra Record and complete with a brand new music video. 'Winner's surprise success since the ad's debut has seen the track's writer and Raylo's lead singer Reece Whyte quit his day job as an interior architect and creative artist to pursue his dream of a career in music. Raylo Graph test B "It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in the last few months," he says. "After seeing 'Winner' blow up in September I knew it was a good track, but with this official release and music video I can see it being great. We’re all so grateful for the support of Pot Noodle, who’ve helped make my dreams into reality." You can listen to Raylo's 'Winner' first on attitude.co.uk, ahead of its release this Friday (January 29). Follow the group on Facebook here. More stories: Watch | 'Arrow' star John Barrowman and Stephen Amell lock lips at fan fest Justin Bieber flaunts it for new Calvin Klein campaign