Exclusive 'Judy' clip touches on late icon's relationship with gay community - WATCH

The brand new Judy Garland biopic will be released next month


Words: Steve Brown

As it gets closer and closer for the release of Judy, we have an exclusive clip to share with you.

It's common knowledge that Judy Garland has become a symbol and icon within the LGBTQ world and once even expressed a disdain for attacks that were made against homosexuals, especially her audience.

Her death and funeral, in June 1969, is believed to have inspired the Stonewall riots, the flashpoint for the modern Gay Liberation movement.

And now, in the new biopic - which stars Renée Zellweger as the iconic Wizard of Oz actress - we see Judy join two gay men after performing on stage in London and joins them for dinner.

During the scene, we see how much Judy made an impact on the LGBTQ community and it is a particular memorable and moving scene.

As the film gets closer and closer to release, we have an exclusive clip showing when Judy meets the couple - played beautifully by Andy Nyman and Daniel Cerqueira - and asks if they would like to grab something to eat, much to the shock of the two men.

Watch the exclusive clip below:

In Attitude's October issue, Renée says the scene is both sad and uplifting and shows Judy's acceptance of her fans despite their sexuality.

She says: "It's a sad moment but at the same time, it's quite uplifting.

"It's emotionally complicated. It was just a mutual understand and support and acceptance."

Judy is out in UK cinemas from October 2.

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