Exclusive: Bright Light Bright Light live video

Bright light coverIt's no secret that here at Attitude we love a bit of Bright Light Bright Light. We love him so much that we got him to pose nude for us last year. With his debut album, Make Me Believe In Hope, he blew us away with a frank and honest approach to pop music. Dubbed "the male Robyn" by our friends at NME, Bright Light Bright Light (whose real name is Rod Thomas), puts soul into melancholic disco. It's been a few years since his debut album, and now Rod is back. Having released a duet with Elton John earlier in the year, he's prepping for the release of his second album, Life Is Easy. Having moved over to New York he's also been working with Scissor Sisters' Del Marquis. To celebrate his return, we've got an exclusive video of Bright Light Bright Light singing Lust For Life, an unheard song from his new album, from a recent intimate show at New York's Joe's Pub. Enjoy. Bright Light Bright Light releases his new album Life Is Easy on July 7.