Ex-American Football star Aaron Hernandez left note to 'gay lover' before committing suicide in prison

It's been claimed that American Football star Aaron Hernandez, who was found dead last week, murdered a former friend in a bid to keep his sexual orientation a secret. Hernandez, 27, was serving life without parole for the 2013 murder of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, which quickly brought his promising career to an end. Despite a long investigation, the reason behind the shocking murder was never revealed. According to Newsweek, multiple law enforcement officials believe that Lloyd had "incriminating evidence about Hernandez's bisexuality that the player feared would be made public". "Lloyd had information the football star did not want out — that he was bisexual,” claimed the magazine. The former star, who was found dead last week after hanging himself in his cell, reportedly left three suicide notes - including one to his alleged lover in jail. It's claimed that his "prison lover," whose identity hasn't been revealed, is on "24/7 suicide watch" following Hernandez's death. According to reports, the footballer jammed cardboard into the frame of his cell door to stop guards rushing to aid him — and poured soap on the floor of his cell in case he had second thoughts. "On April 19, 2017 Aaron Hernandez was discovered hanged in his cell by corrections officers at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley Massachusetts at approximately 3:05 a.m. "Lifesaving techniques were attempted on Mr. Hernandez and he was transported to UMASS Leominster where he was pronounced dead at 4:07 a.m. by a physician at the hospital." His family are thought to be planning a multi-million dollar negligence suit against Massachusetts corrections officials. More stories: Former Clean Bandit star Neil Milan left in tears over homophobic incident on train