Everything you need to know about social media star Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley rose to fame as one of the original breakout stars on YouTube. He's active across all social media platforms, and has risen to global fame thanks to his outspoken attitude and massive fan base that spreads across millions of followers. Tyler's attributed much of his success to his ability to speak out as a role model for young gay men, and has made videos with the likes of Liam Payne, Chris Colfer and Tom Daley. He uploaded his first video in 2007, when he was a freshman at Michigan State University, and quickly gained a following. His meteoric rise to fame, paired with his passion for activism,  led to him being invited to the White House to meet former President Barack Obama. During his time there, he also filmed a video with Michelle Obama about about education issues. In 2014, he was named Most Popular Male Web Star, and he now has more than a whopping seven million followers on YouTube alone. In the past, he's revealed that chat show host and fellow LGBT+ icon Ellen DeGeneres is his biggest inspiration. Speaking about his love for her, he said recently: "She's using her influence for good, and everyone knows who she is, what she stands for, and that she is a lesbian." As one of the biggest social media star's in the world, he's made sure to use his fame to benefit the community that has supported him all these years. In 2014, he raised over $500,000 for the TREVOR Project, which aims to reduce the suicide rate amongst LGBT+ youths. The May issue of Attitude is out now. To buy in print click here, or subscribe at subscribeme.to/attitude. To buy a digital copy, visit pocketmags.com/attitude.