Everybody's going crazy for this shirtless model's cat workout - WATCH

If you've been dreading the idea of exercise ever since you made that promise to yourself back in January, something might be about to motivate you once again. Weight exercises, over-head press, Russian twists; a new fitness regime devised by model and internet personality Travis DesLaurier is taking the internet by storm. Why? Because, like all internet videos worth their salt, it features an adorable cat. Already quite the internet sensation, the 32-year-old Canadian has gone viral after posting the workout video on his Instagram account - and as we're sure you'll agree, it's certainly ticking a lot of boxes.

Me & @jacobscrate are taking our training seriously meow, it's nice he doubles up as my training partner, medicine ball, and weight set! #felineworkout #cattrainer #jacobscrate #fluffybastard Snapchat travbeachboy

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Millions of views later, DesLaurier has built himself one solid fanbase... https://twitter.com/AustenMarieTV/status/753778651380932609 https://twitter.com/CowboyJ77/status/754927623617282048 Turns out Jacob the cat had itself its own little opinion on the matter: ‘’Helping my dad get back in shape, the nice thing is I don’t have to do anything #jacobscrate @travbeachboy’’ https://twitter.com/jacobscrate1/status/753041915327631360 Up for a feline fitness routine, anyone? Words: Salomé Baudino More stories: Tom Daley reveals how he came out to his mum Straight model who starred in gay porn with twin bother admits it ‘ruined’ their relationship