Ever wondered what life would be like at a naked gym? - WATCH

Are you tired of getting hot in all that clothing at the gym? Have you wondered what it'd be like if everyone just worked out nude? Well, you really don't need to imagine it anymore. The world's first naked gym has arrived! Well, sort of. South African YouTube comedy duo Byron Langley and Thomas Willows, Langers & Mash, decided to explore what life would be like at a nude gym for a new spoof video. Langley revealed that he created the naked gym because he was "one of those gymers that would rock up to the gym wearing as much clothing as possible to contain all my muscles and then do a grand reveal after about a year or so. But unfortunately I found out that my body would overheat within minutes, rendering me useless in the gym department." He adds: "So, the idea came to me: naked gym." gym One 'customer' comments: "I come to this gym everyday to draw in my book, I love the male form from the head to the toes. Go naked gyming, give it a go. I know you'll like it." The only female 'customer' at the gym said: "I guess it is kind of weird being the only female in the gym, but I kind of like it. I like all the attention that I never got from my old gym." Two other 'customers' speak about what makes the gym so much fun for them while one last customer seems a bit taken back that the gym really is naked. He says, "I thought the naked gym was just the name, it's not. It's not just the name and now, I'm tied to a 12 month contract." He might not like it, but we're ready to sign up. You can watch the spoof below: More stories: Big Brother’s Jackson gives viewers an eyeful (NSFW) Britney Spears, Troye Sivan, RuPaul and more unite for Orlando charity single