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Emmerdale - Ep 6975

Thursday 18 September 2014 - 1st Ep

Aaron Livesy [DANNY MILLER] is hungover and seemingly regretful about his antics from the previous night as Finn Barton [JOE GILL] sneaks down the stairs. Finn tries to kiss Aaron but it’s awkward. Will Aaron think it was a mistake?

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'Emmerdale's Aaron and Finn to have one night stand

Emmerdale's Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) and Finn Barton (Joe Gill) will have a one night stand in an upcoming episode. The two will end up in bed together after Aaron's celebratory drinks in The Woolpack next week, when he is released from prison. 18_09_EMMERDALE_1ST_EP_02 Miller explained: "Aaron is having a celebratory drink in The Woolpack after the court result and there's a bit of banter between him and Adam. They joke about how Aaron's already been with one of Adam's sisters and doesn't want to be going with his brother now! "Aaron sees Finn and knows he's gay, but he's not interested in him. It's not the same for Finn, though - he's open-mouthed around Aaron for some reason! Finn fancies him and Aaron doesn't see anything there, but as the night goes on, he gets a bit more drunk and decides to take advantage of what's on offer." Miller told Digital Spy that the one night stand will not lead to anything serious between the pair as they are "so different". 18_09_EMMERDALE_1ST_EP_01 "I think everyone's been there at some point where you just have a one-night stand and it's done and dusted after that. We wanted to bury that - Aaron and Finn are two gay lads, but they don't have to be together just because they're gay. "Finn isn't someone who Aaron would make a go of things with because they're completely different. It wouldn't be fitting - it'd be a bit cheeky to just put them together because they're both there. I'm quite happy that our producer Kate and the storyliners have said, 'Let's just get it dead and buried'," he said. > Check out ‘Emmerdale’s Michael Parr flexing his biceps > ‘Emmerdale’ hunk: ‘Most saucy comments are from gay guys’