Ellen DeGeneres thanks Obama in star-studded video - WATCH

Ellen DeGeneres and other LGBT stars and allies have compiled a "thank you" video to Obama for everything he accomplished for the LGBT community throughout his presidency. DeGeneres started the video by listing a few of Obama's achievements including the legalisation of same-sex marriage and the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons pops up, stating: "You presided over a period of time that turned out, in many ways, one of the most positive periods ever in the lives of gay Americans. How can we ever thank you?" Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood then thank him for "changing the way people thought about us." Jonathan Groff from Looking said, "I couldn't believe that the future President of the United States said the word 'gay' in the first three minutes of his victory speech, and that was just the tip of the iceberg... you made what seemed truly impossible... possible." Colton Haynes just wanted to "take a moment to really appreciate you." Neil Patrick Harris, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Lance Bance and Ellen DeGeneres' wife herself all thanked Obama for their rights to get married. Laverne Cox thanked Obama for his support of transgender people. She said, "You were the first president who ever uttered the word 'transgender' and I certainly hope you won't be the last." Other stars who made appearances include Tom Daley, Lily Tomlin, Macklemore, George Takei, Chris Colfer, Debra Messing, Drew Barrymore and much more. Watch the "thank you" video below: Read more: Queer solidarity banner appears in protest of Trump’s inauguration Watch the heartwarming tale of a mother who moved to America to keep gay son safe