Elected officials working to ban conversion therapy in Pennsylvania

Elected officials in Pennsylvania are working to ban conversion therapy. According to CBS Local, both the city and state officials are working on a new bill that will rule out any therapy practices which aim to change sxual orientation. State Representative Brian Sims was the first gay person elected in Pennsylvania and fully supports the bill. He previously compared conversion therapy to child abuse and made a promise to stop it. He said, "I don't know a single LGBT person that hasn't been touched by conversion therapy in some way or another." Sims then revealed that he has little knowledge about widespread conversion therapy is or where it's happening. "Because of how it's practiced. It's not a full-time therapist who puts it on their sign that they practice conversion therapy. They're known within a community, within a church, within a parish that they'll help your son or daughter if they're going through these issues," Sims said. His past efforts to ban the practice have failed, but he believes it will work now despite current Vice President Mike Pence having supported conversion therapy. Read more: White House LGBT page disappears following Trump inauguration Cameron Dallas gets dirty for new black and white photoshoot