Ecuador legalises same-sex marriage

The South American country ruled in favour of two gay couples on Wednesday (June 12)


Words: Steve Brown

Ecuador has legalised same-sex marriage.

The South American country – which has allowed same-sex couples to enter civil unions since 2008 – took to the high court on Wednesday (June 12) to vote in favour of two gay couples who petitioned the right to be married.

The high court in Quito – the capital of Ecuador – voted five-to-four to approve same-sex marriage in the cases of the two men and extended the law to the entire country.

The four judges who ruled against same-sex marriage said any changes to the constitution would have to be decided and approved by the government.

Lawyer Christian Paula, who provides legal advice to same-sex couples wanting to marry, told AFP: “It means that Ecuador is more egalitarian.

“It is more just than yesterday, that is recognises that human rights must be for all people without discrimination.”