EASTPAK explore the exclusive world of Japanese Denim

Inspired by the Japanese denim subculture, Eastpak’s latest collaboration uses the iconic Padded Pak’r backpack as the perfect canvas to present both exclusive and premium versions of the seminal fabric. The first of the two new style’s is the Boro style, which represents the brand’s most exclusive collaboration yet. Boro refers to the ancient Japanese art of mending textiles together by using an assortment of fabrics and garments. Hence, a timeless and exclusive finish is achieved as the blend of garments becomes both distinctive and highly unique to each individual piece. Eastpak honours this ancient tradition by using vintage Boro fabric dating back to the late 19th and early 20th century. Therefore, it’s no surprise that only five limited edition bags are being produced from the actual handmade Boro denim. One of which will be available in the UK at Selfridges, with the retail price starting at £800. But fear not, if you are after a more accessible backpack then the premium Kuroki may be the perfect fit. The bag is named after Tamotsu Kuroki, the man behind Japan’s most established denim manufacturers dealing specifically with selvedge denim. This style of denim is known for it’s distinctive red thread which is a recognised mark of quality in high-end apparel. The backpack, is available in two washes, dark denim and light blue. The Kuroki print will be available at Mr Porter and Size! in mid October, priced at £115. boro-example-1 boro-example-2 second-fabric-1 second-fabric-2