Dundee man leaves neighbour with permanent scarring after vicious homophobic attack

Michael Hamilton pleaded guilty to the assault and is set to be sentenced on June 25


Words: Steve Brown

A Dundee man left neighbour with permanent scarring during a vicious and unprovoked homophobic attack.

Michael Hamilton, 25, reportedly turned up at his neighbours’ home – despite not knowing them – and invited himself in for a drink around 3am in July 2017.

Dylan Smith – one of the occupants of the flat with Dillon Rait – objected to their neighbour coming into their home but they all ended up talking amicably in the living room, The Courier reported.

Hamilton then picked up a mug and asked, ‘how do you like your coffee?’ before smashing it against Smith’s face.

Paramedics attended to treat Smith who was heavily bleeding when Hamilton shouted that his victim was gay.

Fiscal depute Charmaine Gilmartin said: “The accused took umbrage to the complainer not wanting him in the flat.

“The complainer had a large laceration to the right of his mouth which required six stitches, swelling and tenderness to the bridge of his nose and cuts between his eyebrows and on the right eye, which required to be glued.

“The complainer was spoken to by police in January 2018 and confirmed he is left with permanent scars to his face.”

Hamilton pleaded guilty to the assault, which was aggravated by prejudice relating to sexual orientation and he is due to be sentenced on June 25.