Dreamy Liverpool firefighter chosen as Cadbury’s new Milk Tray Man

Cadbury have chosen a rugged fire fighter and former model from Liverpool as their new Milk Tray man, following a national search that attracted some 20,000 applications. And we definitely don't mind if he gets first pick from the chocolate box. Patrick McBride fought off stiff competition to win the coveted title, which now sees him feature in Cadbury advertising campaigns as an action hero who delivers chocolate to unsuspecting recipients over the next 12 months (Sounds rather dreamy). “When my wife nominated me for this role I never thought I’d actually get it. To be the one selected out of over 20,000 people is incredible and I still have to pinch myself on a daily basis - it is truly life-changing,” he said. “I’m honoured to have been chosen to take on this iconic role and I can’t wait to show people the next chapter in the Milk Tray Man story.” Senior Brand Manager at Mondelez International Hortense Foult Rothenburger said Patrick was chosen for his “thoughtful as well as adventurous” qualities. “Over the past few weeks we’ve got to know Patrick really well and are certain he is the right person to carry on the legacy and establish Cadbury Milk Tray as the perfect thoughtful gift,” he said. Congratulations Patrick! We’re always on the look out for chocolates here if you ever wanted to stop by the office. (Valentines Day is just around the corner too). 28bcdc05860b5978fd10481d0fe9775835453b46 cadbury-20160203092053970 CaSbxv0WwAAUvBm 1454409063-6e551ab08cccca655e8bc03ee28d7657-600x600 More stories: What’s life really like as a webcam boy? Neil Milan slams journalist Dan Wootton’s response to George Shelley coming out