Drag Race UK's Victoria Scone calls for more diverse drag: 'Not just cis, white men please'

"Book more diverse drag. Not just women - more trans people, non-binary people, more people of colour"


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: BBC

Drag Race UK series three queen Victoria Scone has spoken out about being the lack of diversity in the drag world.

The AFAB queen is set to become the first cisgender woman to compete on the show when it returns to BBC iPlayer tonight.

Speaking recently to press ahead of the show's return tonight, the star said she was first compelled to apply because of the absence of women on the show.

"I did not think I would get on"

"I entered Drag Race because I thought how could I, as a cinsgendered woman, keep complaining that there weren't any cis women on the show if I was to apply myself? I did not think I would get on, but here we are. Be careful what you wish for!"

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The star added: "I hope [my inclusion] on the show opens more doors in general drag, not just Drag Race drag."

"Book more diverse drag," she continued. "Not just women. More trans people, non-binary people, more people of colour. Not always cis, white women please. Because that seems to be what a lot of my career has been surrounded by.

“And I love that kind of drag. I was brought up by traditional drag queens. But I think we can have a lot more diversity, there’s a plethora of drag that we’re all missing out on and that we all need to see.”

Drag Race UK series three drops on iPlayer at 7pm tonight.

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