Drag Race UK's Bimini and Crystal appear with new Krylik nails

In partnership with Krylik.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Krylik

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It was legendary drag queen (and All Stars 2 winner) Alaska Thunderfuck who once sang “Nails, nails, nails, nails”. We believe the rule is you can have almost any type of nail, "As long as there's a nail".

But in 2021 we’re not just looking for your run-of-the-mill acrylics. We want something sustainable that’s also still fashion-forward and reflects our style. Created last year (in the midst of a global pandemic of all times!) Krylik London provides the answer with its range of 3D plant-based, reusable nails.

The brainchild of a group of environmentally-minded fashionistas, who wanted to disrupt the single-use, fast-fashion world, Krylik provides stick-on nails that can compete with any other brand on the market, but without damaging the plant. WINNING!

Krylik nails allow you to stand out, re-use and re-colour, and truly express yourself in a way Madonna would approve of. Customers have several styles to choose from; Krylik Nail, Honeycomb, Hex, Dune, and Bull and Roses, all of which retail at £19.99. But given Krylik are working to reduce single-use plastics, in the long-term, it's not that much.

The brand partnered with transgender drag artist Margo Marshall for her “Red Chipped Nails” event, which was live-streamed from London’s legendary LGBTQ venue, the Glory on 15 May.

One part rock and roll show, two parts drag Top of the Pops, Margo led an all-star (no, not that kind) cast demonstrating what the LGBTQ nightlife is and could be. Featuring original music, the show explored gender expression and the limits we place on music, drag, and performance.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK legends Bimini and Crystal also made appearances, with a live performance from the latter, and an interview from the set of Bimini’s new music video. Both queens wore Krylik nails and looked stunning!

The Glory’s Jonny Woo also appeared alongside Baby Lame, Cassandra and Sue Gives A F*** in a return to nightlife in the capital long missed during the pandemic.

You can find Krylik nails here.