Drag queen slips in darkroom joke on BBC quiz show Pointless

Host Alexander Armstrong should have seen this one coming.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Twitter/@CarrotDrag

Drag artists aren’t known for mincing their words or shying away from a quick quip, and the drag queen, Carrot, has carried that that grand tradition on the BBC's biggest afternoon quiz shows.

While appearing on an episode of Pointless first broadcast in May, Carrot – real name Josh – from London, was asked about their stage name, which led to a perfectly-timed joke about darkrooms.

And all before the 9pm watershed!

“I can see very well in darkrooms”

In footage posted by Josh on Twitter, they can be seen speaking with host Alexander Armstrong in between rounds on the popular quiz show.

Josh is asked by Armstrong: “What’s your stage name?”, to which Josh explains they are named after the orange vegetable.


Armstrong replies, “Your night-vision must be absolutely immaculate”. Without a pause, Josh responds: “I can see very well in dark rooms”.

Stifling a laugh, Armstrong responds: "I bet you can..."

It’s worth noting here that is broadcast on BBC One at 5:15pm. While it’s hardly the dirtiest of jokes, we’re happy it went out on air!

Further to the original video, Josh also tweeted: “You lot liked this then? you wait until you see the other episodes...”, indicating that Josh and their partner Reece made it through to subsequent episodes.

The drag artist posted in June saying they had been on the show again but sadly were knocked out in the first round. While we’re sad to see them leave with such excellent quips up their sleeve, we’re still cheering!

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