Drag queen makes an unlikely friend after getting ready live in New York's Times Square - WATCH

While RuPaul's Drag Race compresses getting into drag into a minute-long montage, in real life the process can be painstakingly long. Most of us don't get to see the work that drag queens undergo to transform, so New York-based queen Monét X Change - who Bob The Drag Queen has championed to appear in season nine of RuPaul's Drag Race, FYI - decided to show the world what creating the illusion of drag really takes, right in the middle of Time Square. While most people simply glanced over then carried on with their lives, one tourist from Oklahoma, Jeannie Glover, decided to take a seat and get to know Ms Monét and her art - and struck up a friendship in the process. The pair laugh, talk about drag, and, in a particularly tender moment, Jeannie helps Monét's fix her bra. Speaking about the project on Facebook, Monét said: “I set out on this project, with no expectations and it was honestly one of the most organically beautiful things to ever happen to me. “With racial tension at a boiling point in this country, this beautiful white woman comes over with eyes of love, and a heart of compassion, to just ’make a friend,’ and now we are bonded for life.” Watch the heartwarming video below: More stories: Professional skateboarding star Brian Anderson comes out as gay Here's the proof that Britney's male back-up dancers are a gift from God(ney)