Donatella Versace: 'The Versace man is gender-free'

The queen of fashion talks diversity and inclusion in the January issue of Attitude.


Donatella Versace says she considers the 'Versace man' to be "gender-free".

In a world exclusive interview in the January issue of Attitude - available to download and to order globally - the legendary fashion designer says see has always envisioned Versace as a brand which represents "everybody".

Asked what the 'Versace man' embodies, Donatella, who has headed up the Italian fashion house since the death of her brother, founder Gianni Versace, in 1997, replies: "Everybody. It’s inclusivity. It’s gender-free.

"For example, for the campaign this season, we hired such a diverse array of people.


Donatella Versace, shot by Vijat Mohindra exclusively for the January issue of Attitude

"It was Bella Hadid, gay models, transgender models, a gender-free person.

"It was everybody, everything."

The fashionista goes on: "It’s natural to me, not only because of my brother being gay but also because I think people are entitled to be what they are and entitled to be respected for who they are.

"If they don’t commit crimes, don’t do anything bad to other people, they should be respected."

Versace, which was sold to American brand Michael Kors earlier this year for a cool $2 billion, has often generated headlines for twinning couture fashion with decidely modern sex appeal - and Donatella says the brand will continue to use its voice to "empower" people of all sexualities and identities.

Photography: Vijat Mohindra

"The Versace brand is not afraid of sexuality, whether that’s straight, gay and everything that fits in between," she explains.

"But it’s intellectual. It’s not in any way fake. Sexuality is a gift we have and any woman, any man, can look beautiful, look better.

"So, our clothes need to empower people, to make them look in the mirror and say, 'Oh my God, now I’m more sure of myself. People are gonna look at me but since they look at me, they need to listen to me. I’ve got something to say.'

"Versace has a voice."

Read our full world exclusive interview with Donatella Versace in the January issue of Attitude, out now.

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