Donald Trump is coming to the UK

Donald Trump has announced plans to visit Scotland on June 24 - the day that it will be revealed whether or not the United Kingdom will remain in or out of the EU. The presumptive Republican US presidential nominee will be in the UK to attend the re-opening of his hotel and golf resort, The Turnberry hotel, in Ayrshire. Trump bough The Turnberry hotel in 2014 for £35million before recently spending £200million on redevelopments. The hotel, which features a £3,500-a-night presidential suite, opened to guests today (June 1) but will receive a re-opening ceremony on June 24 when Donald is in town. In a statement, he says: "Very exciting that one of the great resorts of the world, Turnberry, will be opening today after a massive £200m investment. I own it and I am very proud of it." The date of the visit obviously puts a question mark over whether British Prime Minister David Cameron will meet with Donald, who is expected to be officially confirmed as Republican nominee at a convention in July. The Guardian claims that "Cameron has publicly deplored the tycoon’s attacks on Mexican migrants and Muslims...but he was happy to meet Trump if he came." More stories: NHS England confirms it will NOT commission PrEP Jaymi Hensley, Tulisa, MNEK and more support Stonewall's #ByYourSide campaign