Director Paul Feig on his all-female Ghostbusters reboot

WhonH6g1Paul Feig is the man behind some of the best female-led comedies of the past decade. He directed 2011‘s Bridesmaids, which went on to become a cultural classic that has reignited the comedy genre, catapulting Kirsten Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne and Rebel Wilson into the mainstream and making them among the most bankable stars in comedy. Spy opened in cinemas last month and was the director's third time working with Melissa McCarthy; perhaps the best cinematic partnership since Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. The film also starred Jason Statham, Rose Byrne and Miranda Hart in a role that was created especially for her - though it’s effectively the same character you’ve seen in her self-titled sitcom but this time, she’s got a gun. Feig’s knack for securing both critical acclaim and box office success made him the frontrunner to direct the Ghostbusters reboot, due to hti cinemas July 2016. Ghostbusters will see the director partner up with several long time collaborators including Kirsten Wiig and Melissa McCarthy - again. Jon Hornbuckle caught up with Paul to discuss who else might be popping up in the hotly-anticipated reboot, spies, comediennes and that iconic theme tune. You've worked with Melissa McCarthy several times now... People seem to be liking it, so I don't want to jinx it. This [Spy] is my favourite thing we've ever done. Miranda's hollywood debut is in Spy. Do you think she's set for big things stateside? Well I think she can go back and forth because I would never want to take her from England but what I love is that now I'm exposing her to this American audience who only know her a little bit from Call The Midwife. So now they are going to experience the full Miranda and I hope she gets to do more and more films for us. spy_poster-2 Are you feeling the pressure with Ghostbusters yet? A lot of fans have very high expectations. We started shooting Ghostbusters this month and it's going to be very fun. Of course I am feeling pressure. We just tried to write the funniest thing we can and I've got this amazing cast - these four women are so funny and we just want to start telling a great story. Will you be acknowledging the original movies at all? There will be a few nods to the original. We are not saying it didn't exist but we are making it our own. Will we be hearing the classic Ghostbusters theme song? Um, we will see. We'll see. Odds are that you will hear that song. maxresdefault It was reported that in Spy you created Miranda Hart’s role just for her, so you must be a big fan! Will Miranda be getting a cameo in Ghostbusters? She's so great. I'll find somewhere. I have to find somewhere for her in there. Was there anyone else you were hoping to get involved with Spy that couldn't do it? I got everybody that I wanted because I wrote specifically for Miranda and I wrote specifically for Jason Statham and I didn't think I would get either one of them. Was it the same with Ghostbusters, did you start with the four women in mind? Um, no well we were figuring it out but I wanted to kind of figure out who the cast was as we were writing. So, it was kind of a chicken and an egg thing, they came at the same time. bridesmaids_cover Will there be parts for Rebel Wilson or anyone else? Yeah, there are other parts definitely but those four that have been announced are the ones that are the supergroup. Spy is in cinemas now and Ghostbusters will open on 22 July 2016. Words by JON HORNBUCKLE