Did Keegan Hirst already have a boyfriend while appearing on Celebrity First Dates?

When rugby league star Keegan Hirst appeared on Celebrity First Dates last Friday (July 22), viewers were treated to a spectacularly awkward date between him and personal trainer/selfie addict Paddy White. Viewers were left confounded by the date, which saw Paddy steamroll the conversation with bizarre flirting ("Do you have any Irish in you? Would you like to?"), while Keegan seemed disengaged from the date entirely. But all may not have been as it seems, as the Batley Bulldogs player's ex-wife Sara Wilson has suggested that Hirst was in fact already in a relationship during his appearance on the show. Drama Wilson took to Twitter to make the revelation, advising 26-year-old Paddy to "try to date lads without boyfriends", adding: "I should know, I married him". https://twitter.com/sazzie10/status/756654766416068608 Speaking to The Mirror in the wake of the claims, Paddy slammed the rugby star, saying: "I would guess that everyone has been deceived by Keegan". He continued: "The show should be about two people meeting with genuine reason to invest time and energy in each other. "He had no intention to ask me a question or make me feel comfortable - simply be present for publicity reasons. "Footage that wasn't included in my post-date chat shows me clearly saying I felt stitched up and that I was expecting someone to give as good as they got but it was flat from the off-set." Despite the claims, Keegan's representatives have denied that he was seeing someone at the time. Since the episode aired, Paddy has taken to Twitter to defend his appearance on the show. https://twitter.com/_Paddy_White_/status/757296883366825985 https://twitter.com/_Paddy_White_/status/757297109674721280 https://twitter.com/_Paddy_White_/status/757298725500940288 We guess we won't be buying hats any time soon, then. More stories: Made in Chelsea's Ollie Locke comes out as gay Gay escorts see a rise in business during Republican National Convention