Denmark to host mass gay weddings to celebrate Eurovision

Eurovision-Song-Contest-2014Denmark has announced plans to hold a series of wedding ceremonies to coincide with this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Both same-sex and opposite-sex couples visiting Copenhagen for this year's event will be offered the chance to marry in open-air locations in the city. The ceremonies will take place at three locations in Copenhagen on May 7, 9 and 10. The live final of the Eurovision Song Contest takes place on May 10. Thomas Jakobsen, the director of Copenhagen's Citizen Service, said: "Since 2010, we have had a lot of success marrying same-sex and opposite-sex pairs in the open air at selected locations in Copenhagen. "As a city, we put a lot of effort into making everyone welcome and the Eurovision Song Contest is an excellent opportunity to offer weddings." The weddings will also mark the 25th anniversary of same-sex partnerships in Denmark. The world's first civil partnership ceremony was held in Copenhagen in 1989. Søren Lauersen, Chairperson of LGBT Denmark, said: “I am sure that many couples, gay and straight from both home and abroad will accept this offer.” > Cyprus to hold its first ever Gay Pride in 2014 > Scotland legalises same-sex marriage