Debbie Reynolds: 'Every actor I dated was gay'

debbie-reynolds_1595232cDebbie Reynolds has revealed that a number of closeted leading men dated her in order to keep their sexuality a secret. In a new interview, the Singin' in The Rain actress explained how, in her heyday during Hollywood's Golden Age, gay male actors had to hide their sexuality if they wanted to be able to land roles. "Everyone I dated was gay. Everyone, except Robert Wagner," she told The Telegraph. "Otherwise they wouldn't be hired." Reynolds continued: "Women don’t want to go and see a new movie with a gorgeous looking guy who kisses men. Rock [Hudson], was a close friend, he was gay but he didn't dare come out so he married his agent’s secretary just to cover it up. He never lived with her and they paid her. Of course it still goes on. Now who’s to say there’s anything wrong with that?" Reynolds, 82, was last seen in 2013 film Behind the Candelabra, playing Liberace's mother opposite Michael Douglas as the legendary entertainer. Discussing her bond with her gay fans during an interview with a Chicago newspaper in 2012, Reynolds said: "Over the years many of the boys that have worked for me as dancers have been gay. The creative people were all gay people, from producers to writers. To me, they were just family. "I have a gay boy that takes care of me and lives with me. He's an angel. He cooks for me and works in my dance school. I have had this dance school for 25 years to teach young people how to dance. They want to learn hip-hop, not tap dancing, these days. It is not my favourite thing but it is fun to watch." ‘Independence Day’ director to make Stonewall riots film Ian McKellen to play old age Sherlock Holmes in new film