Debbie Harry is an 'LGBT+ godmother' and she wants to see more men's arses

Debbie Harry has told Attitude that she sees herself as an "LGBT+ godmother". In our June issue, we chat to Blondie stars Debbie Harry and Chris Stein about their new album, Pollinator, and their history with the LGBT+ community. “We’ve always been culturally involved with the gay community,” says Debbie, who has had relationships with men and women, although now says her “bisexual days have gone by”. Debbie and Chris were once in a relationship. Chris is now married, but the pair remain close colleagues. Debbie is even godmother to Chris' children. "Yeah, not a good one," Debbie says. "Not a fairy godmother although I am an LGBT+ godmother." Forty years after they got together, the band are still making interesting and relevant material. The new album is unusual in that a lot of its songs are written by other people, like Sia and Dev Hynes. "A lot of the people we took material from said they were influenced by us. Circle of life so to speak," Debbie says. On the topic of how things have changed for female pop stars over the last 40 years, Debbie has a lot to say. “I guess some of the objectifying of women and girls still goes on, but you know sexuality is so important,” she says, when we try to tease her into saying that modern pop stars have become too skanky. “I’d like to see a lot more of men’s arses, but that’s just me.” It's not just you, Debbie. Read the full interview in the June issue of Attitude, out now. Buy in printsubscribe or download. You can see all 100 of Attitude's Bachelors of the Year here. Words by Giles Hattersley Photography by Jenny Brough Styling by Nick Byam