David Bowie's Stardust: Fans savage trailer for upcoming biopic

"A cross between Noel Fielding and Sharon Osbourne".


Stardust, the upcoming David Bowie biopic starring Johnny Flynn, has dropped its first trailer - and the reaction from fans leaves a lot to be desired.

The clip, uploaded to YouTube this week, depicts a pre-fame Bowie experiencing artistic self-actualisation, and coming up with his early pop persona.

"Tell me about the new album - what's it all about?" the rising star is asked by a radio interviewer in one scene. 

"It's about the years I spent dressing in women's clothes and getting laid!" replies Bowie.

The trailer so far has 3.7k dislikes to 1.5k likes.

One disgruntled fan commented: "He doesn't look like him, sound like him, behave like him.....Bowie wasn't this introspective, worried, miserable character.......he was self-aware, very funny, intelligent and always on the make. That is not the guy I'm seeing in this trailer."

Another added: "Wow.... This looks terrible, and that's coming from a massive Bowie fan."

A third said: "I'm sorry, but I have to say this looks horrible. Nothing about this makes me want to watch it. I will throw on his albums for 90 minutes instead."

Said a fourth: "This looks so s****, the accent is nothing like Bowie's, he has shoulders like a Rugby Prop Four! And when he changes into Ziggy he looks more like a cross between Noel Fielding & Sharon Osbourne! All this and a great soundtrack of erm what exactly?!"

In February 2019, it was reported that Bowie's son Duncan Jones blocked the film from using his father's music.

He tweeted: "If you want to see a biopic without his [Bowie's] music or the family's blessing, that's up to the audience."

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