Danny Miller teases romantic reunion for Emmerdale's Aaron and Robert

Emmerdale's Danny Miller has teased the possibility of a romantic reunion for his character Aaron Livesy and Robert Sugden (Ryan Sawley), saying that "the power of Twitter" will keep the former couple's on-off relationship at the forefront of the ITV soap.

The pair have been involved on and off for a year now, and while currently apart, Danny says he's convinced that the couple's committed online fanbase will mean show bosses make sure they're back together soon.

emmerdale "Well, you never know! Upstairs at Emmerdale, they know the power that Twitter has. People are getting so involved in the 'Robron' thing, so I don't think it'll necessarily be the end," he told DigitalSpy. "We don't know and they haven't told us anything, but I think they quite like us as a couple, which is nice to hear." emmerdale2

He continued: "It's also a testament to Ryan. I'm very proud to work with him. He's been here a year now and he's been amazing. He's a good lad.

"I say too much about him, actually - I think people think I fancy him! But he's great - he's really good, and I think they know that. They've shelved the storyline for now, but I think they're quite keen to see it again."

With the possibility of that reunion in mind, here's one for all you 'Robron' fans: A six minute super-cut of their best bits. Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV. More stories: Sia reveals she quit within the first hour of working with Katy Perry Watch | France’s Got Talent contestant shocks audience with penis painting