Daniel Radcliffe hits out at homophobia and racism in Hollywood


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has spoken out about institutionalised homophobia and racism in the Hollywood movie industry.

The former Attitude cover star made the comments as he was promoting new film Imperium - in which he plays an FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a white supremacist group - on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme yesterday (September 20).

Radcliffe, who played gay poet Allen Ginsberg in 2013 drama Kill Your Darlings, told the programme that, while the film world is perceived by some to be "very, very progressive," it was "lagging behind" other industries in terms of diversity. He added that it was "pretty undeniable" that Hollywood is racist, and also noted that it was difficult for gay actors to come out, for fear of being typecast in gay roles. When asked why he thought there were so few out actors in Hollywood, he responded, "I suppose because, then people just want to cast you as gay." “Rather than the lead role, who's married with children or whatever?” Derbyshire probed.
 “Yeah, often,” Radcliffe replied. “I mean, there’s very few [gay actors] – well, Neil Patrick Harris has made a career out of playing the the straightest guy on television, which is fantastic.
“But in film, yeah, it’s sad – because, again, we’re in this industry that likes to see itself as being totally progressive and liberal, but there is a line where people go, ‘oh no, people won’t buy him as straight anymore.'” More stories: Lady Gaga’s Top 10 Greatest Music Videos Man leaves TripAdvisor review complaining about the amount of gay couples in Gran Canaria